Organization profile

organization profile

The Internal Medicine service is part of the Department of Medical Clinics since the beginning of Méderi, in May 2008. Internal Medicine is a core clinical specialty of fundamentally hospital practice, which offers adult patients comprehensive care for their health problems . Its field of action is centralized in the hospitalization areas of the Hospital Universitario Mayor and Hospital de Barrios Unidos; It is fundamentally responsible for the evaluation and specialized follow-up of adult patients, through active intervention in daily rounds, diagnostic approaches, indication of the best therapeutic option according to the available scientific evidence, timely response to interconsultations of patients with other medical-surgical specialties and emergency services. The specialist in Internal Medicine also uses a medical approach in the prevention, rehabilitation and palliation of diseases that affect the population receiving care in the hospital network. He is also a medical reference, guide and defender of the patient in his complex path through the current hospital health system.