Expression of biomarkers associated with breast cancer in a Colombian population

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Cancer is a common disease and represents one of the biggest health problems in Colombia, with breast cancer being the third leading cause of death in the general population and the second in women. There are chromosomal abnormalities characteristic of this neoplasm, such as gene amplifications, which can lead to the activation of oncogenes and in turn increase genomic instability that ends up increasing the potential for growth and invasion of the lesion and altering the response to therapy, which in many cases is poor.
In Colombia, a cytogenetic characterization of breast cancer has not yet been made, which has prevented the determination of specific chromosomal abnormalities for each tumor type, of great importance in the possible implementation of support tools not only for the diagnosis and prognosis of patients, but to correlate the presence of recurrent chromosomal alterations with a certain tumor type; These recurrent alterations are considered as important chromosomal markers for the prognosis, diagnosis and selection of effective therapies that improve the survival rate of patients.
Short titlebiomarkers of breast cancer
Effective start/end date5/11/195/11/23

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