Phylogenetic relationship of bovine leukosis virus (blv) in human mammary tissue with and without neoplasia, and in seropositive bovine lymphocytes

  • Olaya-Galan, Nury N. (PI)
  • Salas-Cárdenas, Sandra P. (CoI)
  • Rodriguez-Sarmiento, Jorge L. (CoI)
  • Ibañez-Pinilla, Milciades (CoI)
  • Corredor-Figueroa, Adriana P. (CoI)
  • Rubiano, Wilson (CoI)
  • De LaPeña, Jairo (CoI)
  • Patarroyo, Manuel A. (CoI)
  • Gutierrez, Maria F. (CoI)


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Medicine and Dentistry

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