Surgical prehabilitation of patients undergoing major gastrointestinal surgery

  • Vargas-Barato, Felipe (PI)
  • Navarro-Aleán, Jorge (PI)
  • Torres Narváez, Martha Rocío (PI)
  • Benitez Ospina , Adriana Isabel (CoI)
  • Ramos Caballero , Diana Marcela (CoI)
  • García Laguna , Gabriela (CoI)
  • Hernandez Alvarez, Daniela Carolina (CoI)
  • Pardo Oviedo, Juan Mauricio (CoI)
  • Perdomo Castillo , Omar (CoI)
  • Moreno Monroy, Catherine (CoI)
  • Gonzalez , Claudia Lucia (CoI)
  • Suárez Bohórquez, Angélica Lorena (PI)

Project Details


Introduction: A surgical procedure can have repercussions on the functionality and quality of life of patients, reducing their functional capacity by up to 40%, low preoperative physical performance increases the risk of perioperative morbidity and mortality by 30% (1) and prolongs functional recovery. (2) increasing the hospital stay of the elderly. Prehabilitation is a pre-surgical intervention that improves the physical, psychological and nutritional condition of the patient to obtain a better post-surgical recovery (3), mobility and functional independence (4).
Objective: To evaluate changes in functional capacity, postoperative complications, and 30-day mortality in patients older than 65 years of age undergoing major gastrointestinal surgery who participate in a multimodal prehabilitation program, compared with non-prehabilitation patients.
Methodology: Randomized clinical trial. Two study groups will be compared, an experimental one that will receive the educational intervention (multimodal prehabilitation program) and a control group that will continue with the usual management in the Hospital. The activities of the project will be carried out in the Telehealth modality and when the pandemic situation allows it, the evaluations of the participants will be carried out in person at the facilities of the Méderi Hospital network.
Expected results: Encourage interprofessional work based on common goals with standardization of data and processes that allow improving physical condition and reducing post-surgical complications; establish the traceability of care, the clinical and functional condition of the patient. It is intended to generate scientific evidence, integrate the research groups Méderi, Rehabilitation Sciences and Clinical Research.
Short titleSurgical prehabilitation
Effective start/end date1/06/2127/09/23


  • surgery
  • exercise
  • functionality
  • nutrition
  • morbidity
  • prehabilitation


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