Teaching-learning process in bioethics and the transfer of knowledge in the context of clinical practice in medical students at a University Hospital, Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Ortega, Natalia (PI)
  • Rodriguez, Viviana (PI)

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This study aims to characterize the teaching-learning process in bioethics and the factors that mediate the transfer of knowledge in clinical practice contexts that are carried out at the Hospital Universitario Mayor Méderi, Bogotá, Colombia. For this, a qualitative research with case study design, hermeneutic-naturalistic type, has been proposed. The instruments that will be used to collect the information are qualitative survey and focus groups. The participants of this study are medical students who are doing the internship and the bioethics teachers who have accompanied their training. It is expected that the results will allow to demonstrate the correspondence between the formation of bioethics and its transfer in contexts of clinical practice.
Short titleTeaching-learning process in bioethics
Effective start/end date24/12/1924/12/20


  • Teaching-learning
  • Bioethics
  • Education
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Hidden Curriculum.


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