COVID-19 convalescent plasma composition and immunological effects in severe patients

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    Plasma de Convalecencia para Pacientes con COVID-19

    Acosta-Ampudia, Y. (PI), Monsalve, D. M. (CoI), Rojas, M. (CoI), Rodríguez, Y. (CoI), Gallo, J. E. (CoI), Salazar-Uribe, J. C. (CoI), Santander, M. J. (CoI), Cala Molina, M. (CoI), Zapata, W. (CoI), Zapata, M. I. (CoI), Manrique, R. (CoI), Pardo-Oviedo, J. M. (CoI), Camacho, B. (CoI), Ramírez-Santana, C. (CoI) & Anaya, J. M. (CoI)


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