Indice compuesto de inequidad en salud para un país de mediano ingreso

Translated title of the contribution: Composite Index of health Inequity for a Middle Income Country

Carlos J Rincón, Carlos E Pinzón, Adriana C Villada, Juan S Castillo, Ludovic Reveiz, Vanessa Elias, Javier Eslava-Schmalbach

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


OBJECTIVE: To develop and validate a composite index of health inequity based on mortality by grouped causes.

METHODS: An ecological study in a middle-income Latin American country, with aggregate indicators available from municipalities and departments, which were selected from health observatories, research groups and health authorities. They were divided into intolerable and "not completely avoidable" according to current scientific progress, and were added in categories: traffic accident, aggression, kidney disease, HIV infection, intestinal parasitic diseases, syphilis, fecal / oral transmission disease, tuberculosis, disease Vector-borne diseases, respiratory disease, cerebral hemorrhagic / ischemic events, maternal mortality, lower mortality 5 years, meningitis. After analysis of main components, a composite index of health inequity (IIS) is obtained for men and women. Internal consistency was evaluated using Cronbach's Alpha coefficient. Concurrent validation was done with proportion of people in Unsatisfied Basic Needs (UBN), Human Development Index (HDI), Life Expectancy at Birth (LEB), among others.

RESULTS: IIS is built showing higher values for women in most municipalities and departments; And for sites with high HDI, high LEB and low UBN. Cronbach's alpha was 0.6688, IIS-men and 0.725, IIS-women.

CONCLUSIONS: An IIS was obtained, is valid and reproducible. The role of big cities in inequities in health is highlighted, probably due to the effect of intolerable health.

Translated title of the contributionComposite Index of health Inequity for a Middle Income Country
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)250-258
Number of pages9
JournalRevista de Salud Publica
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2017


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