Dataset: Nutritional assessment in neonatal intensive care unit

  • Luisa Fernanda Murcia-Soriano (Administrador de datos)
  • Claudia Lucía Gonzalez Morales (Colaborador)
  • Olga Lucia Pinzón-Espitia (Colaborador)
  • Carlos Julio Corzo (Creador)



Database collected for the longitudinal descriptive study of the cohort of premature newborns hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, in a highly complex hospital in Colombia. Sociodemographic and clinical variables of the mother, clinical variables of the neonate and nutritional classification are included, based on anthropometric measures based on the interpretation of Fenton curves, biochemical markers and review of perinatal history carried out by a professional in clinical nutrition.
Datos disponibles2023
Fecha de publicación2019 - 2021

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