Nonagenarios y longevidades en Colombia: Análisis secundario de la Encuesta SABE-Colombia

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OBJECTIVE: This study aims to characterize individuals aged 90 years and older in Colombia using data from the SABE-Colombia study and to analyze the differences between those with healthy longevity and those with unhealthy longevity. Methods. Data from the National Health, Well-being, and Aging Survey conducted in Colombia in 2015 (SABE-Colombia) were utilized, encompassing 23,694 individuals aged 60 years and older. The sample was divided into healthy and unhealthy longevity groups based on independence in performing activities of daily living and cognitive status. Sociodemographic, health, functional, economic, childhood background, and violence-related variables were analyzed. Statistical analysis was performed using appropriate significance tests. Results. Of the 567 subjects aged 90 years and older included in the study, 81,7 % were classified as having unhealthy longevity and 18,3 % as having healthy longevity. Significant differences between groups were found in variables such as age, gender, years of education, pathological history including cancer, general symptoms such as joint pain, level of physical activity, use of dental prostheses, fear of falling syndrome, polypharmacy, exclusive homebound life, and calf circumference. Additionally, a low pension coverage was observed in the sample. Conclusions. This study provides a deeper understanding of the aging process in Colombia, focusing on nonagenarians and the different types of longevity. The results underscore the need for further research to characterize and understand the conditions that promote and are associated with healthy longevity in this population. Moreover, this study can serve as a starting point for generating hypotheses that drive the development of future projects aimed at addressing the determinants of healthy longevity and designing specific interventions to improve the quality of life of older adults in Colombia.
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  • envejecimiento
  • envejecimiento saludable
  • Geriatría
  • longevidad
  • nonagenarios

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